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Growth, Healing & Learning - Inspired by nature. Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors. We provide welcoming, non-judgemental, person-centred, professional integrative counselling psychotherapy in an outdoor or indoor setting. Call David on 00353 (0) 86 033 99 33
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Which is the best ecotherapy option for you?
Hedge School_Body & Soul
Psychotherapy Outdoors

If life is not feeling quite right for you right now or if many of your current experiences seem overly challenging and complex, take heart and know that the wisdom and ability to make positive change is within you. Allow yourself a little help by meeting with David for counselling psychotherapy outdoors. Your first introductory appointment is free.

Hedge School
Mindful Walking

David provides ecotherapy group workshops customised for your group or organisation’s needs and requirements. Each workshop includes an introduction to ecotherapy and ecopsychology, digital detox, walk and talk and re-wilding exercises.


Please contact David to find out about the customised group options available.

Create your own

Meet with David for a ‘one to one’ outdoor session to explore your personal relationship with nature and develop your unique prescribed guide to help you improve your health and wellbeing.


Welcome to the Walk Inniú website and thank you for your interest. This is my response towards introducing and offering people in Ireland an opportunity to engage in professional counselling psychotherapy conveyed through an ecotherapeutic lens.

Personally, I find the concept and practice of Ecotherapy (sometimes known as Applied Ecopsychology) – fascinating, effective and meaningful. It is based on the assumption that as humans we have an innate instinct to connect emotionally with nature. The healing and nurturing capacity of nature is boundless and through reconnection with the earth, we reconnect with ourselves and others. As every person’s needs and requirements are unique, I offer various services including more traditional indoor sessions.

To learn more about me, about ecotherapy and how it influences the approach I take in my work, please feel free to browse and explore the website at your leisure.

Thanks, David

David Staunton

What is

Walk Inniú Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors is David Staunton’s response to provide people in Ireland with an introduction and access to Ecotherapy. Although the term is sometimes used to refer to other various nature-based therapies, at Walk Inniú we use the phrase to mean a well-informed, professional and effective, evidenced based integrative counselling psychotherapeutic approach. Ecotherapy is experiencing strong growth here in Ireland following advances in both the USA and the UK where David has trained with both Hayley Marshall and the late and sadly missed Dr Martin Jordan  – both leading contributors on the subject.

Take steps
Walk and talk today

Walk Inniú, a union of both English and Irish vernacular, literally means ‘Walk Today’. The use of the Irish word inniú (today) is quite deliberate as it is pronounced ‘in you’ reminding clients of the person centred ethos which underpins the counselling psychotherapy provided. David believes that you know in you what’s best for you and whilst he will gently and respectfully encourage you to take steps today – you take them at a time when you feel it’s appropriate. With David at Walk Inniú the client decides the ‘who, what, why, where and when’ of their counselling.

Outdoor sessions
Or Indoors

If you so wish, David also offers counselling psychotherapy in the more traditional indoor consulting room.  David provides counselling psychotherapy fully compliant with the Code of Ethics and Practice (2018) as agreed by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)

If you would like to get help from me at Walk Inniú please feel free to make contact by phone, text or email.