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To be the foremost ethically professional, evidenced-based source, provider and promoter of Eco-centric Counselling Psychotherapeutic Healthcare
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Our Ethos

At Walk Inniú we provide welcoming, non-judgemental, person-centred, professional integrative counselling psychotherapy for our service users. We are a secular organisation, welcoming people of all faiths and none. We think globally whilst acting locally and commit ourselves to the conservation and preservation of nature, both human and non-human. We believe in the healing and counselling psychotherapeutic value and efficacy of research based Ecotherapy.

Our Mission

Growth, Healing and Learning
— Inspired by Nature.

Our Vision

“To be the foremost ethically professional, evidenced-based source, provider and promoter of Eco-centric Counselling Psychotherapeutic Healthcare”

Our Core Values

Walk Inniú has identified 22 core values which guide and direct our service:

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loving-Kindness
  • Dignity
  • Humility
  • Equality

  • Understanding
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Person-Centred
  • Eco-Sustainability
  • Fairness
  • Creativity

  • Hospitality
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Responsibility
  • Value
  • Service
  • Professionalism

In line with these values

In addition to our core values, Walk Inniú adheres to the following:

  1. Walk Inniú provides counselling psychotherapy with respect to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, which is based on the following four overall ethical principles:
    • Respect for the rights and dignity of the client
    • Competence
    • Responsibility
    • Integrity
  2. Walk Inniú believes that everybody in our society should be entitled to avail of professional counselling psychotherapy based on best practice.
  3.  Should any person require our services but find themselves financially restricted, Walk Inniú will make every effort to provide counselling psychotherapeutic support to them at no more than they can reasonably afford. If this is not possible, Walk Inniú will offer to refer the person if they wish to another suitable service.
  4. At Walk Inniú we strive to accept every person who comes into contact with our service. However, this does not indicate that we necessarily accept as our own the views, behaviours, tolerances or intolerances of every person.
  5. Walk Inniú believes that our clients have the right to a holistic, flexible and responsive service, delivered with professional boundaries and with the utmost confidentiality.