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Walk Inniú Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors is David Staunton’s response to provide people in Ireland with an introduction and access to Ecotherapy.
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‘Walk & Talk’ with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Libraries

We generally feel better after a walk and from being outdoors – but do we know why? What do we understand of our own therapeutic relationship with nature and how can this knowledge benefit us in our everyday lives?

This May, David is working in partnership with Dalkey Library to offer a free ecotherapy walk and talk.  The walk will take us around some of the quieter, greener and more natural spaces surrounding the well-loved village of Dalkey.

Join David at 10.30 on Wednesday the 16th of May at Dalkey Library, County Dublin for an enjoyable, light hearted ecotherapy walk & talk and discover how nature can help us towards improved mental health and wellbeing.

Dillon's Park Dalkey

To book your place on the ecotherapy walk and talk, please contact Dalkey Library;

Tel: 01 2855277 or email dalkeylib@dlrcoco.ie


(Please make sure to wear suitable and comfortable clothing/footwear with the weather in mind on the day. The walk will take approximately an hour and a quarter and although the proposed pace and terrain could be considered ‘easy to moderate’ overall, the walk to the top of Sorrento Park although short in length is relatively steep in places. It is your responsibility to ensure that this walk is suitable for your personal health and fitness levels – if in doubt we suggest you consult your GP).

DLR Libraries Logo

Fork in the path

Which is the best ecotherapy option for you?


As a client at Walk Inniú, you will always have choice. Why? Because deep down, you know what’s right for you.


All of our ecotherapy approaches at Walk Inniú are facilitated in a warm and welcoming manner; they are inclusive, practical and based on best professional practice. Our approaches are created to help you, wherever you are in your life and we keep your needs firmly in mind.


At different times in your life, you may need to take a particular approach towards improving your wellbeing. And who best to know your ‘likes and dislikes’ but you! For some people, the feeling of belonging that they enjoy when participating in a walk and talk group is just what they need. Others may prefer the more confidential ‘one to one’ approach, particularly if they have something they wish to share in a smaller, safer space.


Nature has an immense capacity to help us learn, heal and grow. It is only through understanding our relationship with nature can we authentically and reciprocally experience a more compassionate connection with ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and our planet. Taking the time to create your personalised ‘green prescription’ will help you grow in awareness of your many and varied relationships, leaving you feeling more certain of yourself and more resourced on your personal path of life.


So give yourself some time to reflect on the 3 various ecotherapy options below and trust yourself to make a good choice – you will instinctively know which approach suits you best.





(Get in touch)

If life is not feeling quite right for you right now or if many of your current experiences seem overly challenging and complex, take heart and know that the wisdom and ability to make positive change is within you. Allow yourself a little help by meeting with David for counselling psychotherapy outdoors. Your first introductory appointment is free.






Mindful Walking Mindful Walking as part of a mandala exercise incorporating nature

(Reserve your place now)

David provides ecotherapy group workshops customised for your group or organisation’s needs and requirements. Each workshop includes an introduction to ecotherapy and ecopsychology, digital detox, walk and talk and re-wilding exercises.

Please contact David to find out about the customised group options available.




Create your own


(Book now)

Meet with David for a 90 minute ‘one to one’ outdoor session to explore your personal relationship with nature and develop your unique prescribed guide to help you improve your health and wellbeing.


Accepting natures help with change

Indecision, Ambivalence and Anxiety – 3 common experiences on our path towards making change

Fork in the path


We are all familiar with the search for decision. Major life-span decisions are required of us in areas such as our education, our relationships, perhaps in family planning and around our health and lifestyle. Countless smaller daily decisions are required almost incessantly. We make many decisions almost automatically without much deliberation or consequence, but others may leave us feeling ‘stuck’, a feeling that may perhaps stay with us for years.


We are not alone in our ambivalence; this is a theme which affects us all.


The coming of another spring and summer can often shine a light into the hidden corners of our lives.  It can remind us of tasks not yet achieved, personal dilemmas not yet resolved nor goals not yet explored nor perhaps even considered. The sun may lull our procrastinating selves towards pushing even further away some much needed change and decision onto that most elongated of digits – proverbially known as the ‘long finger’.


But yet time ticks on, days into weeks, into months, into seasons, into years and into lifetimes.  Many of us carry a grief and sadness when we contemplate what we feel is ‘lost time’ because we know deep down that we would feel so much better if we could just take some of the steps towards making the changes we want to experience in our lives.


However, we may simply not feel ready for change nor for making a particular decision. ‘Readiness to change’ is all too often overlooked with many people placing the focus on the actual change itself or the desired goal and not necessarily on themselves and their confidence levels in relation to achieving the change.


How availing of ecotherapy and ecopsychology can help us with making change


Nature is the very essence of change – everything in nature is constantly changing.  Ubiquitous and exceptional examples of change are being modelled by the natural world in plain sight; we just have to look a little more carefully.


Nature is regulated by the seasons and it’s becoming increasingly more common that many humans are feeling ‘out of synch’ with the natural rhythms of the earth.  For some, the sun shining high in the summer sky might remind them of the breakneck speed of which time and indeed their lives seem to be flying by.  If the change we desire in our lives seems ‘unachievable’ or the decision we are contemplating seems too challenging, we are often very likely to repress it or confine it to our dreams.


Sadly, for many of us, our demanding and busy existence is so often swamped in a sea of technology and consumerism. This busyness ensures that we have become quite separated for unhealthy periods from the natural world. Is it any wonder we might forget our natural abilities in relation to the concept of change?


Clients who have availed of counselling psychotherapy outdoors with Walk Inniú generally comment on how ‘safe and encouraged’ they feel in relation to the natural therapeutic space.  They seem to experience it as a ‘fluid, evolving and unfolding space’ making it much more likely to be a ‘space and place where change happens’ in comparison to the more ‘static’ traditional indoor setting.


At ‘Walk Inniú’, giving yourself a ‘green prescription’ through participation in our outdoor ecotherapy ‘walk and talk’ groups, means that you create more space to explore your relationship with ‘other than human’ nature and it may surprise you what you could learn about yourself.  By exploring your ‘eco – psychological dynamic’ through an interactive ecotherapy workshop, you can learn how to resource yourself more and regulate your mood and energies, thus ensuring change and decision making becomes much more likely.


Ecotherapy Hedge School

Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking as part of a mandala exercise incorporating nature


David provides ecotherapy group workshops customised for your group or organisation’s needs and requirements. Each workshop includes an introduction to ecotherapy and ecopsychology, digital detox, walk and talk and re-wilding exercises.

Please contact David to find out about the customised group options available.



Walk and Talk Green Therapy in the Dublin Mountains



With the sun still low in the sky across the Dublin Mountains on a recent bright and frosty morning in Massey Woods, it was my great pleasure to yet again welcome a hardy group of walkers who took part in this year’s ‘Ecotherapy Walk and Talk’ as part of South Dublin County Council’s ‘Social Inclusion Week 2017’.


As always, I felt privileged to have facilitated such a wonderful walk.  Despite it being winter, there was still a lot of green to be enjoyed, particularly from the holly trees which stood out so dramatically against the crisp blue sky.  Although I know this old city of ours pretty well, I always seem to learn about yet another favourite walking spot from participants when they speak about their own favourite walk and this group was no different as they reminded me of the natural healing that is available to all of us.  Walk and Talk participants always have something positive to say about how they benefit from their self-prescribed ‘Green Therapy’.


So what are you waiting for?


Write yourself your very own ‘Green Prescription’ this winter, wrap up well, wear plenty of layers and take some time to notice the ‘other-than-human’ nature that surrounds you.

You might be surprised how much it benefits you…

Earth Hour

Walk Inniú becomes Walk Anocht!!! (Walk Today becomes Walk Tonight)

‘After Dark’ – Ecotherapy Hedge School


Saturday, March 25, 2017

to We will meet at the Parkgate St main entrance to Phoenix Park from 7.45 (To leave at 8.00pm sharp).


This years Earth Hour takes place on Saturday the 25th of March 2017.

Walk Inniú is delighted to have been invited by the ‘Into the Night’ project and Valentine Seymour of London’s Farr Institute of Health Informatics to facilitate our Ecotherapy Hedge School as a mark of solidarity for action on climate change.

This free ‘Hedge School’ will include a silent mindful hour together outdoors to acknowledge our own process in relation to the continued destruction of our planet and will take place in the quietness of the park where we can collectively rest in the dark natural space.

Light pollution affects both us humans and other-than-human nature.

Join us on the 25th of March where we will explore how our wellbeing is affected by “excessive, poorly directed or unnecessary artificial light at night” (Into the Night). By attending, you will be taking part in an international survey which will further enhance our understanding of how light pollution not alone is a cause of climate change but is bad for our health.

Make sure you wear warm suitable clothing and footwear(keeping the weather in mind) and note that the responsibility of walking in the park in the darkness is your own. (This event is open to adults only 18+).

Do it for yourself, do it for the planet… you are one and the same!


Brighton Beach

Brighten Beach, Brighton – In Memory of Martin Jordan 1967 – 2017

Today a sun (for there are many), warms my tired face through thin glass of half-opened regency.

I smell sea, I see sea (if I contort).

Most of Martin’s body has spent its first night in dark clay,

(There is very little sunlight in dark clay but there is some).

Can he feel the sun, any son anywhere?

Perhaps his essence now experiences all the suns (and sons) in the universes.


I am of the flesh and blood (and spirit) of one who is long buried in the chalky clay of this place.

Do bodies in the ground get to know each other? (Stupid question… of course they do).

Like a sneaky, risk taking rhizome,

projecting, tunnelling, confusing, coping and skulking through sea, earth and sad soulful spirit,

I will meet bits of them both on Foynes Street, the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, some unholy wholly magical well hidden on Achill Island or in the place where the Welsh live.

And although many might want to piss on their graves.

Members of my family who are still hurting and angry.


The selfish, lost, insecure trumpoline who reigns in another more moneyed place since yesterday.


The blinded, deafened, worshipping angels who would never try to understand the achievements of either of the dead men I mourn.  (I am (in part) part of their achievement).


I leave here now, knowing that at least there are two deadish and very special human-being seeds in the ground of this place.

(And everybody knows that if you love and water deadish human-being seeds, amazing human-being trees will grow full of leafy love with nutritious healing fruit).

Why? Because a root must find water (we were told this at Martins funeral).

But remember, water will always find a route.


Isn’t life really fucking trickey, twisty and tasty?


David Staunton

Wexford Walking Trail logo

Ecotherapy Walks with Wexford Walking Trail


I am truly happy to be heading to the scenic south-east at the kind invitation of the excellent Wexford Walking Trail collaboration to facilitate four ecotherapy walks this November.  Wexford is a county which I have many fond connections with.


On the 5th of November, I look forward to walking with a group in Courtown Woods in the morning and Ferns in the afternoon, whilst on the 12th  of November the ecotherapy walks will be in Carrigbyrne and Lacken.  (Booking your place is essential and to do so please contact Mary on 086 163334).


It is the intention of the Wexford Walking Trail organisation ‘to enhance the visitor experience and raise awareness of the quality, diversity and location of our trails’.  This intention and ethos is of course ‘music to my ears’ as it helps to heighten our connection with nature and explore the bonds between not only ‘people and place’ but ‘human and other than human nature’.  Many of the benefits of being outdoors in nature are fairly obvious in that it increases both our physical and psychological wellbeing but increased awareness and respect for all forms of nature is the essence of ecotherapy and ecopsychology.


As anybody who has sauntered their way through a pile of autumn leaves knows, there is a beautiful truth and honesty in nature and it so often encourages us to connect in with a more authentic version of ourselves.   For all its beauty and magnificence, nature does not try to impress us humans, it is just…there.  When we recall past wild winter storms, we are reminded that nature is harsh at times and may leave us acknowledging our own sense of fear and awe or perhaps evoke feelings of powerlessness when we are faced with its indiscriminate energy and might.


If we ignore the needs of nature or attempt to subjugate the ‘other than human nature’ that surrounds us, not alone do we cause untold harm to our planet but we do so at the cost of much of our own personal health and wellbeing.  Why?  Simply because as human beings we too are an integral part of nature.


I look forward to meeting you on our ecotherapy walks in Wexford and I could not agree more with Wexford Walking Trail when they suggest that we… ‘Let nature lead the way’.


South Dublin County Council – Health & Wellbeing Week 2016

Health and Wellbeing Week
Seachtain na Sláinte agus na Folláine – 12•••18 September 2016


   Eco Therapy Walks
   Massey Woods, Kilakee Co Dublin.

Do you feel that your life is getting busier and more complicated by the day? Join David Staunton, Counselling Psychotherapist and founder of the Walk Inniú Eco Therapy Hedge School for a relaxing walk and talk. Learn how nature can effectively guide us towards better health whilst increasing our resilience and helping us to reduce our stress levels.


Time: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

Venue: Meet in South Dublin County Council Headquarters, Tallaght (transport provided)SDCC3

To Book Your Place Please Contact: Maria Finn Telephone: 01 414 9270 or 086 380 3060

email: mfinn@sdublincoco.ie


Burrenbeo trust

Burrenbeo Trust ‘Working for Wellbeing of People and Place’

Heart, Mountain, Ocean and Soul
How nature helps us to self-regulate.

by David Staunton speaking at the;

Working for Wellbeing of People and Place

12th and 13th August, 2016.

Burrenbeo Trust,
Corofin, Co Clare


I have a particular fondness for the wonderful and evocative Burren in Co Clare and when the invitation came to speak at Burrenbeo Trust’s ‘Working for Wellbeing of People and Place’ I jumped at the opportunity to once again visit this unique landscape.

Burrenbeo Trust both understands and models relevant ecopsychology in their work.  In their own words they see the importance of ‘connecting people and place’.  This ‘connection’ is the essence of ensuring that we view ourselves as part of nature – not ‘separate from’ or ‘in charge of’ the natural world.  Through exploring this ‘connection’ we can learn a lot about ourselves in terms of self-care and self-regulation and perhaps only then can the words of Theodore Roszak make real sense to us;

‘The needs of the planet are the needs of the person
The rights of the person are the rights of the planet’


To book your place at this event please contact Burrenbeo Trust https://burrenbeo.com/