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If you have a question which is not answered in this section please feel free to contact me


Where do you hold the counselling psychotherapy outdoors?

There are several Walk Inniú approved outdoor locations throughout the greater Dublin area and indeed some people prefer to attend their sessions with me indoors at Pembroke Road or Clontarf. If you choose to work outdoors you will be given your choice from a list of approved locations, for example Marlay Park in Rathfarnam, St Anne’s Park in Clontarf, Herbert Park in Ballsbridge and the Phoenix Park. We will discuss what it means to engage in counselling psychotherapy outdoors and you will be presented with a ‘Welcome Pack’ giving you specific details and information about getting started on your journey with me at Walk Inniú.


What about poor weather conditions?

It is always the client’s choice to make in relation to either working indoors or out. However, once clients choose to work outdoors they seem reluctant to move back to indoor sessions – so we wear appropriate weather proof clothing and carry on. However if there is an ‘orange’ weather alert in force from ‘Met Eireann’ the client will have the option to re-sechedule their appointment and a ‘red’ weather alert means the session will be cancelled for reasons of health and safety.


Is this a cardio workout?

No. There may be some sitting, standing, slow to moderate walking involved in counselling psychotherapy outdoors. You will be outside moving for 60 minutes in the fresh air.


What times are the sessions?

Sessions times are at your choice, subject to availability. I believe in offering people varied opportunities to meet, such as early in the morning before their workday commences and in the evenings. Make attending a session convenient for yourself – this is possible because of the numerous locations available throughout the city.


What is your counselling psychotherapeutic approach?

I believe that every human being is unique and that we all have different needs at different times. Therefore, I practice Integrative counselling psychotherapy – informed through an ecotherapeutic lens. This means I integrate various other theoretical models (for example Roger’s person-centred approach, psychodynamic theories and motivational interviewing (which is a combination of both humanistic and enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy). For more detail on Ecotherapy please see the Walk inniú about Ecotherapy section.

This all ensures that I take direction from you the client in relation to your needs. People may wish to talk about challenging issues from their past or they may wish to manage a particular situation which is affecting them ‘right here, right now’.


What if I want to offer feedback or wish to make a complaint?

At Walk Inniú we make every effort to provide a ‘best practice’ service to our clients.  Should you have any reason whatsoever to be unhappy with our service delivery please inform your counselling psychotherapist as soon as possible in order that they can support you with your complaint.  If you still feel that your complaint has not been managed well by Walk Inniú, you are entitled to contact the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for further advice on how to have your issue resolved.


What is your policy on alcohol and illegal drugs?

We ask that you do not present to counselling or workshops at Walk Inniú under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.  Please advise your counselling psychotherapist if you seek support in this area of your life, they will offer you understanding, empathy and compassion and are highly skilled and trained in order to best support you.


I have physical mobility issues and I use a wheel-chair, can I attend Walk Inniú for counselling outdoors?

Yes, but do contact us so we can ensure that the routes/locations we have risk assessed for this purpose are acceptable to you.