Walk Inniú | Irish Times Behind the News - David Staunton ecopsychotherapist
David Staunton of Walk Inniú - Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors, featured in the Irish Times, Behind the News.
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Irish Times Feature ‘Behind the News’

David Staunton The Irish Times

Irish Times Feature ‘Behind the News’

Given how new and unique the idea of counselling psychotherapy outdoors is here in Ireland, I was delighted to be featured in the Irish Times’ popular contribution ‘Behind the News’ by Sylvia Thompson.  Raising peoples awareness around ecotherapy and ecopsychology is very much my aim and I felt fortunate to say the least when Sylvia asked to interview me about my psychotherapeutic work at Walk Inniú and the Wellness Workshops at our Ecotherapy Hedge School.

You can read the article here.

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