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Walk Inniú Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors is David Staunton’s response to provide people in Ireland with an introduction and access to Ecotherapy.
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Niall Breslin (Bressie) Bresie's Ironmind

The Dynamic Momentum known as ‘Bressie’

When a recognisable, well-loved and well-respected personality such as Niall Breslin (aka Bressie) talks openly about their personal mental health – they get an immediate and attentive audience.  But given the honesty and courage which Niall has spoken publicly with in recent times, he not alone earned but well deserves his audience – and what’s more his authentic efforts have gathered quite the ‘dynamic momentum’.

Not alone did Niall’s heartfelt disclosure of his struggle with anxiety spur the foundation of the A Lust for Life wellness website, (of which I was only too delighted to have been invited to write an article on ecotherapy for), his new creation on RTÉ Two, ‘Bressie’s Ironmind’ will explore the link between movement/exercise and well-being.


Bressie tells us that the aim,

“…was to work with a group of individuals with varying degrees of primary care mental health issues over the course of six months to train them to compete in a 70.3 Ironman Triathlon, but more importantly to develop their coping strategies and mental fitness with the hope that it would allow them deal much more effectively with their minds and emotional well-being”


However important it is that we see Bressie and his team of professionals exploring the link between ‘mind and body’ the benefit of having the topics of mental health and wellness being discussed on primetime national television is immense.  An inspirational and encouraging character the calibre of Bressie, can and has done so much for this nation’s wellbeing which is to be encouraged and admired, (no pressure intended Bressie).


At Walk Inniú of course we are a little (a lot) more sedentary about incorporating movement into counselling psychotherapy and although we get a lot of energetic hikers at our fortnightly Winter Walk and Talk’s at Dublin’s Phoenix Park, the pace is usually more of a ramble.  I know of a fellow practitioner in London who literally runs with his clients around a park during their sessions and this of course will resonate with people who enjoy jogging for its therapeutic benefits.

But when it comes to working with me here in Dublin the hint is in the name… it’s ‘Walk’ Inniú.


Walking Towards Wellness - Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology, David Staunton

Walking Towards Wellness – Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology, David Staunton


Click here to read my Walking towards Wellness – Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology article featured in Bressie’s Wellness Website ‘A Lust for Life’






Ravaged, cut, split, torn,
Growing heather, rushes, bushes, thorn.
Supersaturated, drowning,
Lakes and rivers without boundary,
Spilling into a vessel which can hold no more.


Patches and tufts of green misplaced,
Hold miserable animals wishing themselves elsewhere.
Driving, wetting, cruel mists and sheet rain,
Assuring a long hard winter before the next fine day.
Promising lower land will sleep dead underwater.


The men who pull and drag,
Life, rocks, clay and whins bush,
Suffer an eternity of forcing and cursing.
Trying to make land…
Instead of making time.

David Staunton


I wrote this poem not because I felt I could write poetry of any great merit – but because I had to.  It was written at a time when I was attempting to make sense of my world as I experienced it, to reconcile with dark memories from the past and acknowledge my fears and anger at the time of writing.  As I look back and reflect on the poem, I see my harsh projections of anxiety, negativity and anger at that time. Thankfully when it comes to exploration of a mindful manner, nature has an infinite holding capacity.  From a train window travelling through the west of Ireland in 2010, I became deeply aware of field after wet waterlogged field, passing in my gaze.  The fields seemed to invite me to explore my own busy, troubled and frightened self at a deep level – ‘to find Jung’s gold in the shadows’ as it were.  And for too long I had mined a lot of ‘fool’s gold’ – but I now felt more ready to look for the real thing.

Self analysis, self care and ongoing reflection is paramount for all counselling psychotherapists in order to provide a kind and therapeutically effective space for their clients.  Those wet fields and bogs of Connaught supported and held me as I wrote, inspiring and encouraging me to accept that the meaningful courage and strength I sought was accessible within my very being.  Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy at work.

‘We do not see things as they are we see them as we are’ Talmud

David Staunton The Irish Times

Irish Times Feature ‘Behind the News’

Given how new and unique the idea of counselling psychotherapy outdoors is here in Ireland, I was delighted to be featured in the Irish Times’ popular contribution ‘Behind the News’ by Sylvia Thompson.  Raising peoples awareness around ecotherapy and ecopsychology is very much my aim and I felt fortunate to say the least when Sylvia asked to interview me about my psychotherapeutic work at Walk Inniú and the Wellness Workshops at our Ecotherapy Hedge School.

You can read the article here.