Walk Inniú | The Ecotherapy Hedge School
Walk Inniú Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors is David Staunton’s response to provide people in Ireland with an introduction and access to Ecotherapy.
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The Ecotherapy Hedge School

The Walk Inniú ‘Ecotherapy Hedge School’
(Group Workshop Outdoors in Nature)



What better place to reconnect with nature than… in a hedge. It is estimated that Ireland has approximately 300,000 km of hedgerow and although planted by landowners to enclose fields, they are filled with an amazing natural biodiversity, providing homes for birds, plants, trees, shrubs, insects and small mammals – all of which add immense character to our environment.


Historically, the term ‘Hedge-School’ is linked to a period in Ireland (post 1600’s up to late 1800’s) where educated men offered basic education to their local communities. Political and religious intolerance and oppression led to the children (and sometimes adults) who were of mainly Roman Catholic denomination being educated in these makeshift schools, which were usually hidden in outhouses, hedges or ditches. The great poverty experienced by many people in Ireland also ensured the existence of hedge schools right up to the 20th Century. Therefore, it is with great humility and admiration Walk Inniú uses the term ‘Hedge-School’ out of respect to the hardships experienced by the countless numbers who worked in and received their education in this most resilient, resourceful and effective tradition.


Aims of the Walk Inniú Ecotherapy Hedge-School include providing individuals and groups with a basic introduction to Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology. By engaging in creative and evocative grounding exercises – which draw on the rich symbolism and metaphor provided by being in such close communion with Nature, we explore the therapeutic framework and ‘holding ability’ of our natural surround in one of Dublin’s amazing larger parks.


Of course for those of you who can’t make it to the outdoor Walk Inniú Ecotherapy Hedge-School, we can provide an indoor version in the city centre or in your own organisation.



Seasonal Walk and Talk
(as part of the Ecotherapy Hedge School Workshop)


David provides ecotherapy group workshops customised for your group or organisation’s needs and requirements. Each workshop includes an introduction to ecotherapy and ecopsychology, digital detox, walk and talk and re-wilding exercises.


Please contact David to find out about the customised group options available.

The Walk Inniú Ecotherapy Hedge School is open to all adults over the age of 18. However, given that the Hedge School is deliberately sited to be part of the natural environment, it is accessed over rough pathways and/or uneven ground. Our apologies to those of you who may have mobility issues and therefore would find access unsuitable, however please contact us as we do have various approved routes which may be more suitable to your needs.
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Past Workshop Themes

Walk Inniú provides a safe, secure welcoming space for you outdoors in nature at our much loved Ecotherapy Hedge School.



Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology helps us to improve our connection with both ourselves and others, lower stress levels and increase our wellness levels.


Prior booking is essential to ensure your place in the group and receive your ‘Welcome Pack’.


Email davidstaunton@walkinniu.ie for details.