Walk Inniú | Introduction to Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology
Walk Inniú Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors is David Staunton’s response to provide people in Ireland with an introduction and access to Ecotherapy.
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Introduction to Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology

Introduction to Ecotherapy
and Ecopsychology Workshop

Ecopsychology is the fusion between Ecology and Psychology – but much more besides. David Staunton, believes in the importance and benefits of ‘modelling the model’ when it comes to his facilitation approach. This explains why he hand-built the Walk Inniú Hedge School with what could only be described as ‘biblical’ tools to fashion natural and up-cycled material to create the learning space. It is literally his labour of love and homage to all things Ecopsychological, but this creation was necessary, as David believes that it is vital for group participants to encounter a first-hand, experiential knowledge of nature whilst absorbing an Introduction to Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology. Therefore what better place to congregate for growth, healing and learning then in the unique welcoming setting – that is the Hedge School.


This workshop, will be delivered in a positive, relaxed and interactive manner and will introduce you to and discuss topics in the group such as;

  • The origin of Ecotherapy/Ecopsychology. (Roszak, Clinebell, Shepard et al)
  • The Biophilia Hypothesis (Love of Life).
  • Learning about our relationships with non – human nature.
  • An exploration of our relationship with nature – and how it can help us.
  • Discussing ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ and Last Child in the Woods by Louv.
  • The concept of the ‘Ecological Unconscious’.
  • How Ecotherapy/ Ecopsychology can support us in our self-care, wellness and increase our resilience.

To support you consolidate your learning, you will also receive:

  • Your Ecotherapy Hedge School Welcome Pack PDF.
  • A PDF summary of the workshop emailed to you on completion.
  • Suggested further reading – for your interest.
  • A Certificate of Attendance.
  • Support from David should you require it with any process issues which may arise for you from the workshop by contacting him at davidstaunton@walkinniu.ie

Book Now to attend a Workshop and receive your free Ecotherapy Hedge School Welcome Pack and your Guide to Eco-Walking Routes of Dublin.
“Connecting to nature is not simply a matter of getting some fresh air; rather, it is a matter of reconsidering our individuality and our wider human and ecological relationships. We believe that the stimulation a fuller connection with nature can bring is life-enhancing to the point where it changes who we are”
— Alain de Botton, The School of Life
Note: It is recommended that you attend an ‘Introduction to Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology Workshop’ before a themed workshop to ensure you have a basic grounding in the approach to gain maximum learning and understanding.
You may also be interested in attending one or more of our Wellness Themed workshops (Contact us for our current schedule).

Samhradh (Bealtaine, Meitheamh, Iúil)

Summer (May, June, July)

Session One

‘The Madness of Towns and Cities’
Sun 24th of May 2015 | 11.00am – 03.00pm

Learn how to develop your resilience, increase your self-care and improve your personal recovery and wellness quotient through your relationship with nature.

The Madness of Towns and Cities

Session Two

‘Making Better Decisions’
Sun 28th of June 2015 | 11.00am – 03.00pm

Procrastinate less, make your mind up and transform your ambivalence into positive change as you earth and ground yourself in all things natural.

Make Better Decisions

Session Three

‘Love and Relationships’
Sun 26th of July 2015 | 11.00am – 03.00pm

Nurturing and developing the relationships in your life – with yourself, your family and friends, your lover and the natural world.

Love and Relationships

Fómhar (Lúnasa, Meán Fómhair, Deireadh Fómhair)

Harvest (August, September, October)
Creative Potential

Session Four

‘Realising your Creative Potential’
Sun 23rd of Aug 2015 | 11.00am – 03.00pm

Learn how to engage natures help in the personal search for and the nurturing of your soul.


Session Five

‘Mindfulness and Nature’
Sun 27th of Sept 2015 | 11.00am – 03.00pm

Relax and reconnect through an introduction to mindfulness. Who or what is Gaia? Learn about your ecological unconscious.


Session Six

‘Misemployment and the Passing of Time’
Sun 25th Oct 2015 | 11.00am – 03.00pm

What is your society and tribe asking of you? Learn about nature’s unconditional acceptance and immense capacity for healing.

Geimhreadh (Samhain, Nollaig, Eanáir)

Winter (November, December, January)

The Ecotherapy Hedge School goes on its ‘Winter Walk and Talk’ where workshop meetings move around various Dublin Parks and along the Seashore from Sunday the 13th of November 2016 until it returns to its spring/summer home on Sunday the 12th of March 2017.

Walk and Talk
The Walk Inniú Ecotherapy Hedge School is open to all adults over the age of 18. However, given that the Hedge School is deliberately sited to be part of the natural environment, it is accessed over rough pathways and/or farmland. Our apologies to those of you who may have mobility issues and therefore would find access unsuitable, however please contact us as we do have various approved routes which may be more suitable to your needs.