Walk Inniú | Walk and Talk
Walk Inniú Counselling Psychotherapy Outdoors is David Staunton’s response to provide people in Ireland with an introduction and access to Ecotherapy.
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Walk and Talk

Seasonal Walk and Talk
(as part of the Ecotherapy Hedge School Workshop)


David provides ecotherapy group workshops customised for your group or organisation’s needs and requirements. Each workshop includes an introduction to ecotherapy and ecopsychology, digital detox, walk and talk and re-wilding exercises.


Please contact David to find out about the customised group options available.



When we walk in nature, not alone are we moving physically  – we also give ourselves a wonderful opportunity to move ‘psychologically’.


Join us for our 2018 series of seasonal ‘Walk and Talks’ to avail of some ‘Green Therapy’, where along with enjoying the company of other Nature lovers like yourself – you will receive a beneficial and uplifting introduction to the concepts of ecotherapy and ecopsychology – all facilitated in a friendly and welcoming manner.


Learn how nature can help you to grow, heal and learn.  Find out more (if you like) about Wilson’s Biophilia Hypothesis, Louv’s humorous take on ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ and the work of Theodore Roszak – all undertaken whilst we explore, notice and allow the beauty of the season to mindfully call us back to the ‘here and now’, calling us back from the often busy and tiring ‘doing mode’.


And yes for sure we treat ourselves to a hot ‘cup-of-something’ together before we set off on our ramble…


These positive, relaxed and light-hearted walks take place in various large Dublin City Parks, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.




Refunds: We will refund your booking fee in total if the Walk and Talk is cancelled or rescheduled.  And please don’t worry if your plans change and you can’t make it on the day – as long as you let us know by email beforehand we can book you onto another Walk and Talk at your convenience with no extra charge.

The Walk Inniú Ecotherapy Hedge School is open to all adults over the age of 18. However, given that the Hedge School is sited outdoors in the natural environment, our apologies to those of you who may have mobility issues and therefore would find access unsuitable. However please contact us as we do have developed various approved routes which may be much more suitable to your needs.